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"Scott stabs his pen into the souls of the lonely and struggling...Scott speaks out for the trampled souls who struggle to see the light and in the process acknowledges their humanity while at the same time denying the characters any kind of simplified happy ending."-- North Shore News (Vancouver, B.C.)


 "Scott's debut is filled with the kind of characters whose good intentions invariably get them into trouble...these stories are buoyed by sharp, insightful dialogue and clever storytelling." -- Publishers Weekly (New York, N.Y.)


"At the same time the stories veer from literal possibility, they suggest that these very things could really happen and in fact are happening somewhere in America right this minute...ecstatic." -- The Stranger (Seattle, Wash.)


"For his intimate understanding of human 'brokenness,' Scott should be prized by readers...Scott's prose is anything but the damaged goods his characters represent." -- Lambda Book Report (Washington, D.C.)


"Amazing depth of language...Scott has created a stunning collection of stories." -- Memphis Flyer (Memphis, Tenn.)


"Scott illustrates the disconnections between husbands and wives, siblings, parents and children, and lovers. He cuts through pretense to his characters' real feelings." -- Des Moines Sunday Register (Des Moines, Ia.)


"Remarkable storytelling...Scott kicks the doors open on his subjects' lives and lets us burst into their world...Scott peels back their defences and shows us their hearts, which like all of us are simply looking for love." -- North Shore News (Vancouver, B.C.)


"Scott captures his characters right in the midst of a crisis and strips away all pretenses. These are ordinary people with honest problems...Scott's tales are written with much intelligence and social satire." -- The Edge (New York, N.Y.)